My blog contains a post for every project I've worked on. In each article, I talk about the things I learned while working on those projects. I also blog about some of my favorite hobbies, including books and cooking.

Scraping Celebrity Marriage Data

By: Malcom Calivar

Published: Sept. 2, 2021

This Python script uses the BeautifulSoup library to scrape celebrity pages on Wikipedia, to create a .CSV that contains their marriage and divorce data.

Detecting Fraud Using Machine Learning

By: Malcom Calivar

Published: July 23, 2021

This project seeks to detect legitimate and fraudulent transactions using machine learning on an imbalanced dataset.

Predicting if OkCupid Users Want Children

By: Malcom Calivar

Published: July 9, 2021

This project uses OkCupid user profiles to try to predict which features potentially influence the desire to have or not have children.

Cleaning US Census Data

By: Malcom Calivar

Published: June 29, 2021

This project takes US Census Data spread across ten CSV files and seeks to combine and clean it.