About Me.

How it all began.

Hi! My name is Malcom. I was born in Argentina and grew up in New York. Now, I live and work in the Dominican Republic. Ever since I was a child, I've loved technology and science. From the time I got my first computer, I've loved tinkering with electronics. Even something as simple as editing batch files felt magical to a young me.

I remember how excited I was when I figured out I could edit Windows' autoexec.bat to echo a custom greeting for me that would show up every time I booted my machine. I also remember the feeling of utter dread after irreversibly altering or deleting an important system file, back during a time when file recovery and system restore points were not very user-friendly.

What I love.

Technology and science were never my only passions. From a young age I've had a great love of music. Like many, I got my start in music with childhood piano lessons. During my teenage years I learned to play the guitar. These days, I like to transition between several different instruments, though my favorite at the moment is the bass.

Aside from music, I consider myself an avid reader. Whether it's books on mythology, self-improvement, or the occasional sci-fi or fantasy novel, I spend a large chunk of my free time exploring the world through reading. Lastly, I enjoy learning to cook new dishes. Every week I try to learn to either bake or cook something completely new.

My abilities.

Developers often boast about the many languages they can code in or the many techs they're proficient in -- and don't worry, I will do that, as well. However, I think it's important to highlight the skill that has made me not only want to pursue a career in technology, but also what I think makes great programmers: adaptability. I'm an incredibly quick learner. With a look through some documentation and just a bit of hands-on practice, I can learn a new technology very rapidly. Adapting to mistakes and learning from them quickly isn't just a characteristic I brag about to entice potential employers: it's the very element that drives my passion for technology and science.

This is a field that changes and advances at breakneck speed, and I love it. I might be tidying data with R one day, and tweaking a machine learning model in Python to achieve a 0.1% increase in accuracy the next. I may have worked with a front-end framework a year ago that is completely different today. It's a discipline that punishes stagnation and conformity. You must be willing to learn in order to grow.

I have a love for all things Python. This website was made using the Django framework. It's hosted on pythonanywhere.com. Though it is far and away my favorite language, many of the projects hosted on this site were created using different frameworks. My preferred field of work is in data analysis and data science. As such, most of the tools I've chosen to specialize in are analytical in nature. Python, R, SQL, PowerBI, and Tableau are some of the tools I've used to carry out data analysis. As far as web development: ReactJS is my favored tool for front-end work, whereas languages such as C# and Python are my preferred options for back-end work.

My mission.

I strongly believe that feeding our passions fuels our self-growth. As such, my mission as a professional is to always find room for improvement. A one percent improvement may not seem like a lot as an isolated number, but accumulated additively over a month means you are now 30% better. Imagine the effect of such small daily increments on an entire team.

Due to my personal philosophy of continuous improvement, I can assure you that I will bring my best to any project that I work on. More than that, the bar for what I consider "best" will constantly shift upwards, as I seek ways to consistently grow and improve not just myself, but any team I'm a part of.

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