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Data Science Projects.

Data is the currency of the modern world. We base nearly every decision on something we can measure. It's becoming increasingly important for businesses of any size to be able to efficiently analyze the data produced by their many internal processes. As the volume of data and the velocity at which it's generated increases, the pressing need to hire capable data analysits becomes even more urgent. It's no longer sufficient to simply use data, it's now necessary to understand it and transform it for use in decision making and business strategy.

This project seeks to detect legitimate and fraudulent transactions using machine learning on an imbalanced dataset.

This project uses OkCupid user profiles to try to predict which features potentially influence the desire to have or not have children.

This Python script uses the BeautifulSoup library to scrape celebrity pages on Wikipedia, to create a .CSV that contains their marriage and divorce data.

Web Development Projects.

Without the right presentation, even the best product or service will fail to entice its potential audience. Developing simple, responsive, and user-friendly web applications is the best way to grow your brand.

A personal project that consumes an API to create nutrition labels.

School project that consumes a public movie API to generate a movie database website.

A university challenge project to create a recipes website using open-source technology.

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